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Solveig Ræstad

Roar Ræstad

Roar Ræstad (b. 1968) had is literary debut in 2014 with Sleeping Dogs. The first novel about Detective Inspector Gabriel Navarseth is a historical crime, set in Trondheim during the Second World War. Ræstad teaches at Strinda High School in Trondheim, and has a Masters Degree in History from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Sleeping Dogs was nonimated to the Maurits Hansen Prize for best crime debut in 2014. Since, Ræstad has written two consecutive novels about Detective Inspector Navarseth, The River in 2017 and The Raven’s Hour just published. Ræstad’s writing combines the best of historical fiction and plot-driven thriller.

Titles by Roar Ræstad

The Raven's Hour

Roar Ræstad