Arnar mar arngrimsson
Photo: Daníel Starrason

Arnar Már Arngrímsson

Arnar Már studied Icelandic literature at the University of Iceland and later German literature at the University of Cologne. After trying his luck in different areas, as a sailor, translator and a caretaker in a nursing home, he then became a guide at the Laxnessmuseum. For the past 10 years Arnar Már Arngrímsson has taught Icelandic language and literature in his hometown at Akureyri Junior College (Menntaskólinn á Akureyri). Sölvasaga unglings (e. The Saga of Sölvi the Youth) is his first book to be published. Arnar Már Arngrímsson is now writing an independent sequel about Sölve.

Titles by Arnar Már Arngrímsson

Sölvasaga unglings

Arnar Már Arngrímsson