An Atlas of Impossible Longing

An Atlas of Impossible Longing

Anuradha Roy

Publisher: MacLehose Press, 2008
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 305 pages

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On the outskirts of a small town in Bengal, a family live in solitude in their vast new house. Here, swathed in silence, a widower struggles with feelings for an unmarried cousin while his motherless daughter Bakul runs wild with Mukunda, an orphan of unknown caste adopted by the family. Confined at the top of the house, the matriarch goes slowly mad, while her husband shapes and reshapes his glorious garden.
As Mukunda and Bakul grow, their intense closeness matures into something else and Mukunda is banished to Calcutta. Although he prospers in the turbulent years after Partition, his thoughts are all of what was once his home – and he knows that he must return.
This is a love story, as intricate as it is enchanting, about two people who find each other when abandoned by everyone else

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Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian,Dutch, English India, UK, US, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

“A novel of beauty, poignancy and gut-churning suspense… a lyrical love letter to India past - Poetic and evocative, Roy’s writing is a joy”

Pearl Doherty, Financial Times

“This is a story to loose yourself in. Roy is a wonderful writer and this tale of three generations of an Indian family, set over the span of the 20th century, is brilliantly told … Cleverly written and intensely moving”

Michelle Stanistreet, Sunday Express.

“Every once in a great while, a novel comes along to remind you why you rummage through shelves in the first place. Why you peck like a magpie past the bright glitter of publishers’ promises. Why you read…This, you think, is the feeling you had as you read Great Expectations or Sophie’s Choice or The Kite Runner. This is why you read fiction at all”

Marie Arana, Washington Post

Anuradha Roy

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Anuradha Roy’s highly praised literary debut, An Atlas of Impossible Longing, is listed by World Literature Today as one of the essential books on India. Since its publication in 2008 it has received internationally recognition, and has been widely translated. Roy has won several literary awards for her second and third novels, The Folded Earth and Sleeping on Jupiter. Her fourth novel All the lives we never lived was published in June to wonderful reviews and has established Roy as one our important contemporary literary voices, playful, lively and sincere.

Roy is represented by Winje Agency in all the Nordic countries.

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