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Credit: Mantovani

Anuradha Roy's latest novel received with superb reviews worldwide.

August 13 2018

Anuradha Roy’s latest novel, All the Lives We Never Lived has been received with wonderful reviews from several international publications, including Times, The Spectator, Irish Times. Roy’s ability to bridge the personal and political with eloquence has culminated in this memorable novel. As Kamila Shamsie writes for The Guardian “All the Lives We Never Lived is set largely in the early part of the 20th century, with some sections in the 1990s. It does not directly refer to #MeToo or the macho hyper-nationalism of today’s India. But in its portrayal of power structures, it is part of those very contemporary political conversations. It is also a beautifully written and compelling story of how families fall apart and of what remains in the aftermath.”. The Guardian also wrote a longer piece, covering Roy’s outstanding career in more depth, found here.

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