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Winje Agency

Winje Agency represents authors of strong literary quality in all genres.

This year Septology, a forthcoming masterwork by Jon Fosse, will be launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Deep Fjord is a refreshing new psychological thriller by the poet Ruth Lillegraven, the heroine Clara has already started to travel the world. Long Litt Woon’s The Way Trough the Woods. Of Mushrooms and Mourning is a huge international success, now sold to 14 languages. New title of interest In Defence of Darkness by Sigri Sandberg is just out to great critical acclaim.

Gina Winje, founder and CEO, has worked in publishing and culture export industry for years. She founded Winje Agency in 2016, with Jon Fosse and Ruth Lillegraven as the first authors represented. Winje Agency has continued to grow and includes names such as Olaug Nilssen (Brage Prize Winner 2017),the Icelandic Arnar Már Arngrímsson, Nordic Prize Winner 2015 for C&Y, Mette Karlsvik ,Gaute Heivoll’s first of seven tales aboutEstragon and Inger Bråtveit. Winje Agency represents selected titles from Fitzcarraldo Editions and collaborates with publishing houses and literary institutions in Norway and abroad.

Emilie Sunde works part-time as a web-editor for Winje Agency. She is has been affiliated with the agency since autumn 2017. Emilie is also currently studying for Master Degree in Digital Media, Technology and Cultural form at Goldsmiths College, UoL.


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