Cover skogen den grøne
February 26 2019

Congratulations II

Skogen den grøne (The Green Forest) by Ruth Lillegraven, has been nominated to this same prestigious prize, however in TWO categories.

Praise to Mari Kanstad Johnsen also for her brilliant and moving illustrations.

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Hakk o ve cover
February 26 2019


This strong and beautiful children book by Ragnar Aalbu is nominated to The Ministry of Culture’s prestigious Prize for Best CYA – Literature in 2018. Winner to be announced early March.

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Finnish sopp og sorg cover
August 13 2018

The first international publications of 'The Way Through the Woods: On Mushrooms and Mourning' coming this fall.

The international hit, The Way Through the Woods: On Mushrooms and Mourning, is finally ready for print, with the first publication launching this month in Finland. Followed by Danish, Dutch, and Swedish in September; French, Spanish and Catalan the following months. The final four publications are due next year. Congratulations and thanks to all the dedicated and enthusiastic publishers and translators, and to Woon Long!

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Woon leser i norli bokhandel
January 23 2018

The Norwegian Mushroom book sold to Japan!

The dedicated publishing house Misuzu Shobo in Japan has just bough the Japanese rights for the Norwegian “Mushroom book”,
now sold to 11 languages throughout the world! There will be more sales!
In not too long the mushroom season is here again, and a lot of new readers around the world will enjoy this outstanding book in their own languages. The first translations will be out this summer.

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Mette karlsvik mørkerom forside juni katalog (002)
October 26 2017

Darkroom by Mette Karlsvik just launched in Norway

Beautiful and strong review: "Mette Karlsvik has written an original and tender novel about a father and daughter – relationship (..) “Darkroom” is both a complex and moving story about family relations and the importance of being seen with love and understanding.
First review today by Turid Larsen, Dagsavisen, daily morning.

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Cover mushroom book   the book on a table in gothenburg
October 25 2017

9 sales for "The Norwegian Mushroom Book"

The great mushroom – season is soon finished here at home, but “The Norwegian Mushroom – book” by Long Litt Woon is travelling well. Last and so far two new sales, to Gaïa Éditions in France and Catalan rights to som ara llibres. To be continued!

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Fosse jon 2011 foto tom a. kolstad aftenpostenscanpix (002)
October 16 2017

Septology by Jon Fosse sold to Rowohlt during Frankfurt Bookfair

Septology is a new work of prose by Jon Fosse. The first two parts out of seven will be published during Frankfurt Bookfair in 2019, when Norway is Guest of Honour. The next parts of this work, still in writing, will be published in 2021 and 2023.
Rowohlt acquired rights for the whole work, all seven parts, last week during Frankfurt Bookfair. This new masterpiece is by now sold to Rowohlt in Germany, Fitzcarraldo in UK and Batzer in Denmark.

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Windowexhibit in norli bookstore in oslo
October 9 2017

Mushrooms and grief in the bookfair - air!

Long Litt Woon´s wonderful book Unexpected Dawn: A story about mushrooms and grief is travelling well. New preempt sale to Scribe Publishing House for World – English rights today, so far sold to 6 languages, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian and Swedish.

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Ena catalog cover fotografert
October 9 2017

Children Books from Ena Publishing House

Winje Agency represents Children Books from Ena Publishing House. English catalogue is ready to be sent to you by mail and will soon be presented at this website, please get in touch for more information.

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Cover all the lives
October 7 2017

All the lives we never lived by Anuradha Roy

A wonderful new novel by Anuradha Roy is being introduced to new and old publishers these days, her fourth novel is already sold to btb in Germany. A vibrant, deeply moving novel that will find new readers all over the world?

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9788252193749 framside grande
October 7 2017

Rights for Jon Fosse's work

Jon Fosse has written prose, plays, poems, short -stories, essays and children books. Winje Agency represent all rights for publication, sold to more than 40 languages so far. Plays for theatres are represented by Colombine in Sweden.

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September 27 2017

A new treasure is just out

A new treasure just out: Deserted farmsteads in Norway. These moving images were our homes, not too long ago. This book by Øystein Morten and photographer Pål Hermansen enlightens our concepts of “home” in overwhelming ways.

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21368998 615818208806712 4009173349870780199 o
September 7 2017

New title by Woon Long

Woon Longs book Unexpected Dawn: A story about mushrooms and grief is surprising, deeply moving and original. I look forward to see this wonderful, narrative non-fiction book travel out in the world!

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Gina winje e1504165630743
August 31 2017

V&B + Winje Agency

Vigmostad & Bjørke is an interesting, large up and coming Norwegian Publishing House, am thankful for cooperating with them in the art of letting books travel out in the world!

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Anuradha Roy
June 2 2017

A wonderful list of books

A wonderful list of books recommended by Anuradha Roy, new and exciting titles & some of the most important, wellknown and wellread.

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