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The Cemetery of the Sea pre-emtped to Sweden and France in 2 - book deals

October 23 2021


Marie-Pierre Gracedieu in Le bruit de monde pre-empted a two-book deal for French-language rights and says: “We are very excited to welcome Aslak Nore. We promised to publish irresistible narratives with big political and social scopes and ‘The cemetery of the Sea’ has it all. It covers essential chapters in the history of the western world while exploring the contradictory feelings at work in influential families. A first-class thriller in the vein of Le Carré!
Norstedts in Sweden secured a 2 book deal in an pre-empt, the publisher Håkan Bravinger says,”You just want Aslak Nore’s book to keep going and you want to start reading the follow-up as soon as you are done reading the first. And the winning recipe is what we are all so well-familiar with: strong characters, exciting and unexpected plotlines playing out over decades, a continuous progression, an author steady on the hand stylistically, the scope of backstories and backdrops. Impressive. Can’t wait to see the Swedish edition!"

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