Dutch cover marianegropen

A gorgeous and important book

June 9 2021

Ida Lødemel Tvedt gets yet another rave review in the Netherlands, calling it a “gorgeous and important book”:
The Mariana Trench is a book written with love. Love for people, art, philosophy, literature, life. Ida Lødemel Tvedt examines the complexities of life with the thoughtfulness and humbleness that it demands, without arrogance, without pedantic finger wagging, without a whip in hand. She strives for cohesion without wanting to control the world with it. She lets us nourish our ability to be surprised and thus remain human…She weaves in one topic after the other with an insatiable suppleness: She writes about the cockroaches in her apartment, about the alt-right, stand-up comedy, pornography, her grandmother, identity politics and white privilege. The beauty of it all lies in her total avoidance of moralistic points of view. She approaches her subjects with caution, loving wonder and modesty.…The Mariana Trench is a gorgeous and important book. A work of both breathtaking stylistic beauty and substantial force”, says Kris Velter in Mappa Libri nr. 6, juni 2021.

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