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New sales for Metres per Second by Stine Pilgaard

October 28 2020

To feel at home in a book?

This week Metres per Second is sold for publication in English and Swedish

A truly original novel, Stine Pilgaard displays an unbridled sense of humor and a sharp eye for the many obstacles and failures in human interaction…. In a hilariously funny, liberating way, Metres per Second depicts the all-too-recognizable daily struggle to connect and belong. A refreshing and uplifting read to lighten up these gray and lonely times and feel at home in a book says Judith Uyterlinde in World Editions.

Sharp, observant, entertaining, and empathetic says the acquiring editor in Modernista, the novel’s greatness is that it does not rely on tricks or shortcuts, but only warm-hearted storytelling and an incredible ability to depict scenes. Metres per Second will be published in Swedish autumn 2021.

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