Jon fosse 4  [c] agnete brun

Enormous interest in 2023 Nobel Prize Winner Jon Fosse

November 15 2023

There’s been a tremendous influx of inquiries at Winje Agency since Jon Fosse was awarded the Nobel Prize in October.

We are delighted about the overwhelming interest in Fosse specifically, and, by extension, in Norwegian literature and Nynorsk. We communicate with publishers and translators worldwide on a daily basis, our network is expanding, and the offers continue to pour in. Currently, we are in the process of drafting and renewing contracts, and we will soon be able to provide an updated overview of Fosse’s ever-growing international presence.

This is a hectic and joyful time – and we’ve already started to see how the Nobel Prize is elevating both the agency and all of the fantastic authors we represent.

Over 50 new contracts have been signed since the Prize was announced, with many more to come.

Please get in touch with inquiries about any of our titles!

Photo: Agnete Brun / Samlaget

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