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Rave reviews for Helle Helle's Hafni Says

September 7 2023

Danis critics praises Hafni Says – a masterpiece in Helle Helle’s writing:

Hafni’s story makes you both laugh and cry. Full of situational comedy and consummate humour keen to the quirks of language. Full of sorrow and anxiety, simultaneously conveyed and assuaged by Helle’s marvellous writing (…) I envy anyone who is about to read this novel. – Politiken 6/6 hearts

Helle Helle surpasses herself with Hafni’s shame and screw-ups (…) Like few writers, Helle Helle manages to reproduce herself in such a way that each new novel buds from the one(s) before it, not as a clone or a one-to-one copy, but as one of those small wonders that life (biological and literary) every once in a while bestows upon us. A kind of literary-evolutionary self-propagation, a self-refining process of cell division, the art of writing at its very best. – Berlingske 6/6 stars

Helle Helle’s new novel moves elegantly between deep tragedy and wonderful language-savvy comedy – Information

Helle Helle distills the art of understatement – Jyllands-Posten

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