Children’s books by Jon Fosse

March 1 2024

Did you know that Jon Fosse also writes children’s books? We’re excited to share five of his titles:

The Fiddler Girl (Spelejenta, 2009)
Little Sister (Søster, 2000)
Dark and Wet (Vått og svart, 1994)
Kant (1990)
Very Very Slowly (Uendeleg seint, 1989)

Jon himself has described his children’s books as being for “everyone” – that is, children and adults alike! Written with his characteristic rhythm and repetition, the books draw the reader into a dreamlike state (perfect for parents trying to get the little ones to sleep). At the same time, the reader will recognize many of the same themes and stories that can be found in Fosse’s theatre and adult fiction.

We hope these amazing books will reach readers young and old in every corner of the world!

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