Stine pilgaard 2 2021 foto (c) alexander banck petersen (003)

Weekendavisen's Literature Prize 2020 to Metres per Second by Stine Pilgaard

January 22 2021

“A master of irony lays down her weapons … deliciously crumbly novel oozing with awkward love,” Weekendavisen wrote in their review of the novel. More than 80 000 copies sold so far in Denmark, reflecting its reception by critics as the novel for our time! With the translation on the way, and the adapted title The Land of Short Sentences, the book has already sold to English, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish as well as film rights to Nordisk Film.

The novel is not an escape from reality but comfort to reality, as noted by the Weekendavisen: it is “a reminder of our shared humanity, comical and troublesome, that goes on as global affairs role on.”

We look forward to following the novel as it keeps travelling.

Enjoy this “Springsong without hope”:, with lyrics from the novel.

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