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Stine Pilgaard wins the Golden Laurels

May 26 2021

The Danish newspaper Politiken says today: Stine Pilgaard’s Meter i sekundet, a tender portrait of family life in rural Denmark, has won this year’s Golden Laurels, one of Denmark’s most prestigious literary awards. Pilgaard’s bestseller follows a new mother who struggles to find a place for herself in her new home, and who crushes the spirits of one driving instructor after another.

The Golden Laurels is an annual literary award, the winner of which is determined by a vote held among the country’s booksellers. Meter i sekundet has been on the bestseller list since its publication in the spring of 2020, and it is beloved by Danish readers and critics alike. The novel has also won the Weekendavisen Book Award, and it is nominated for The Danish Radio Novel Prize, the Martha Prize, the Politikens Literature Prize, the Critics Prize, and The Readers’ Book Award, among others.

Meter i sekundet
has sold around 90,000 copies in Denmark, and translation rights are sold in French, Norwegian, German, English, Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish along with film rights to Nordisk Film.

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