Omslag chiquitita 2023 mars

More praise and new sales for "Chiquitita"

December 8 2023

Pedro Carmona Alvarez’s Chiquitita is making big waves these days – both at home and abroad.

The novel recently received yet another 6/6 stars, this time from Dagbladet:

“Carmona-Alvarez masterfully depicts a story about escape, longing, and fear – seen through a child’s eyes and later re-experienced from an adult’s perspective. The novel is a linguistic delight despite all the devilry rumbling below the surface. It’s impossible to come away from Chiquitita without being deeply moved by the literary experience it offers.” -Inger Bentzrud

We’re also thrilled that the book will also be making its way to Brazilian-Portuguese readers, having been acquired by Brazil’s Editora Nós:

“This is an enchanting story about the destiny imposed on many Latin Americans. It resonates with the reader as a beautiful meditation on belonging, distance, displacement. The tender voice of Pedro Carmona-Alvarez surprises us by suspending through poetry the violence of a story that, however, is impossible to ignore: the story never sufficiently told of millions of Latin Americans in the 20th century.”

The book has already been sold to the Netherlands (Uitgeverij Oevers) and Hungary (Polar Egyesület). English sample materials are available.

Congratulations, Pedro!

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