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Photo: Agnete Brun

The Cemetery of the Sea sold to Israel and Finland

November 2 2021

Two new sales for Aslak Nore’s big and brilliant novel. The Finnish publisher, Johanna Laitinen in Gummerus says: “I have yearned for an epic story set in the Nordic scenery, and here we have it! HAVETS KIRKEGÅRD is everything I longed for and even more. Multidimensional characters that you want to spend all the time with, a thickening plot, surprising twists that never end (referring to the last page), and the psychological and mental milieu, the family.
The era of the pandemic showed everybody that the book has not lost the battle with other time-consuming activities, as tv shows. HAVETS KIRKEGÅRD is exactly the kind of book that has the attributes to defeat its rivals. You can recognize the references to the author’s ideal, Follett and Guillou, and it reminds us of Succession and Le Bureau, but in the end, what matters most is that it is an original work by a talented writer and storyteller. And after all, it is a book, the best choice for the most imaginative ride; a fact we book lovers know without a doubt."
To be continued ….

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