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Sale to Denmark & praise for The One Needful Thing

October 12 2020

Just sold to Turbine in Denmark, Martin Graae Jørgensen says:
At Turbine we are thrilled to be the publisher of Olaug Nilssen’s darkly funny and extremely sharp novel. The prose, the language and the on point dialogue all helps to paint a picture of a family’s challenged cohesivenessm and it will be all to familiar to a lot of readers. I truly think one of the best novelists in Norway right now is called Olaug Nilssen.

A few of all the overwhelmingly wonderful reviews in Norwegian newspapers:

- So ruthlessly and compassionately written that the reader gasps for breathe, Bjørn Gabrielsen in DN
- Energetic, pitch perfect, and humorous (Astrid Fosvold, Vårt Land
- A powerful momentun and force! (Guri Hjeltnes, VG)

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Olaug 6 stars in ba
October 9 2020

First praise for Olaug's new novel

Newspapers in Norway reads and reviews The One Needful Thing by Olaug Nilssen on publication day: Overwhelmingly good reviews!
The author is being praised for her courage, for her writing with surgical precision, and for humour, respect and drive in the novel: BRAVO!
Quotes to come within shortly!

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Helle helle 2, 2020, foto (c) mikkel carl stort landskap
September 18 2020

To welcome the Danish author Helle Helle, one of the most distinct, clear voices and praised Nordic authors is a huge joy. Her new novel BOB will be published in Danish in January 2021 by Gutkind in DK. WA is her new proud agency.

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