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Sale to Denmark & praise for The One Needful Thing

October 12 2020

Just sold to Turbine in Denmark, Martin Graae Jørgensen says:
At Turbine we are thrilled to be the publisher of Olaug Nilssen’s darkly funny and extremely sharp novel. The prose, the language and the on point dialogue all helps to paint a picture of a family’s challenged cohesivenessm and it will be all to familiar to a lot of readers. I truly think one of the best novelists in Norway right now is called Olaug Nilssen.

A few of all the overwhelmingly wonderful reviews in Norwegian newspapers:

- So ruthlessly and compassionately written that the reader gasps for breathe, Bjørn Gabrielsen in DN
- Energetic, pitch perfect, and humorous (Astrid Fosvold, Vårt Land
- A powerful momentun and force! (Guri Hjeltnes, VG)

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