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"The Other Name" nominated to the Norwegian Critics Prize

February 9 2020

In The Other Name, the first volume of what will be his major work Septology, Jon Fosse paints literary tableaux that lodge in the readers’ eyes. It is Advent, and a painter named Asle, living in the small town of Dylgja, is preparing for his annual exhibition in Bjørgvin.
Fosse, with his repetitive, rhythmic prose, conjures up an evocative universe blending memories, reality, and imagination. For who is Asle’s friend Asle, who lives in Bjørgvin, is also a painter, but is suffering terribly from long-standing alcoholism? And is that really the young couple Asle and Ales, with eyes only for each other, that the first Asle sees in the playground?
Fosse uses doppelgangers and mirrorings to explore the big eternal themes of God, art, love, and death. For Fosse—and Asle—art and literature are where memories are transformed and expressed anew: as a picture that gives off light in the darkness.
With The Other Name, Fosse has renewed his own instantly recognizable prose. The result is a powerful and moving work of novelistic art.
Statement from the Jury

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Reviews metres per second
July 22 2020

Book of the Year in Denmark?

Metres per Second is wonderfully reviewed in Denmark and loved by the Danish readers. More than 20 000 copies sold within a few summer – weeks, claimed to be the Danish “Book of the Year” by Jyllands Posten. Sold to Pelikanen in Norway and Uitgeverij Oevers in The Netherlands.
Listen to this wonderful song, text from the novel here:

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May 14 2020

Welcome to Stine Pilgaard

Stine Pilgaard is one of the most original, humourous and sharp voices in Scandinavian literature. It is a huge pleasure to welcome Stine and her new novel Metres per Second to Winje Agency, as one of the first publications by the new Danish publishing house, Gutkind.
A feast to read and already sold to Pelikanen Publishing House in Norway.

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The doll cover
March 11 2020

The Doll’s Alphabet by Camilla Grudova, published by Fitzcarraldo Editions is sold to Meteor Publishing House in Norway

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Portrett ida l t
March 2 2020

Drafts from the Mariana Trench by Ida Lødemel Tvedt is now sold to Kommode Verlag in Switzerland for publication in German translation.

The publisher, Annette Beger says:
“Ida Lødemel Tvedts Essays in Marianegropen are sensual, direct, courageous, witty, pictorial, energetic and highly sensitive. One gets the feeling of a story, like in a novel, even though the essays can also stand for themselves. Ida Lødemel Tvedt immediately captivated me with her unique perception and her ability to describe the “in-between” in a way in which I believe anyone can experience while reading this book.“ Congratulations dear Ida (Facebook) and Kommode Verlag!

is so far sold to Klim in Denmark and to Kommode Verlag in Switzerland.

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Jon fosse photo tom a kolstad det norske samlaget
February 27 2020

The Other Name: Septology I - II by Jon Fosse longlisted to The Booker International Prize 2020

“The Other Name: Septology I – II is a major new work of Jon Fosse, and is deftly translated into English by Daimon Searls. Written in hypnotic prose that shifts between the first and the third person, The Other Name calls into question concrete notions around Fosse presents us with an indelible and poignant exploration of the human condition that will endure as his masterpiece”, says his English publisher Fitzcarraldo Editons in a press release today.
Congratulations to Jon Fosse, Samlaget, his Norwegian publishing house, Fitzcarraldo Editions, translator Daimon Serals and all the dedicated Fosse – publishers around the world.

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