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My Men by Victoria Kielland sold to Sweden

November 2 2021

My Men by Victoria Kielland is sold to the Swedish publishing house Natur och Kultur.

My Men is a powerful, harrowing read about an enigmatic historical figure: a Norwegian servant girl turned serial killer, after moving to America in search of a better life. In just over 200 pages, Kielland depicts the course of a woman’s life; her chaotic interiority and lack of a boundaried self that leads her from one man to the next, chasing affection, intimacy, and sexual bliss – an end to her lonely existence. The turn toward violence is barely noticeable, but once it’s happened, there’s no going back. Despite its subject matter this is also a beautiful novel, narrated with an intensity that has the reader merge with the writing: the lack of distance between self and other in Brynhilde’s life somehow also becomes the reader’s … A gem of a novel and a distinct new literary voice that I will be proud to introduce to Swedish readers, says Nina Eidem, the acquiring editor at NOK.

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November 11 2021

German and Spanish language rights sold for The Cemetery of the Sea

Now 9 foreign sales!

International interest is increasing, we are happy for announcing a two-book deal to Kiepenheuer & Witch in Germany. Helga Frese-Resch, the German publisher secured a two-book deal and says: “This is exactly what we have been looking for, a perfect family saga with elaborated characters, a page-turning pace, an intelligent plot, an interesting historical background, and a perfect setting”.

Aranzazu Sumalla, acquisition editor at Ediciones B (Penguin Random House Spain) secured world Spanish rights for Havets kirkegård, she says: “This is an intense novel with a captivating and relentless plot that keeps the reader hooked from the first pages on. All this is accompanied by compelling characters, vibrant and exotic settings as well as a solid historical background that allows us to discover some unknown pages from Norway’s past but also from the years that have carved 20th century Europe as we know it.”

Hungarian and Italian offers are in, this adventurous story will be continued!

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