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You Are My Story by Trine-Lise Rygh sold to Greece and Macedonia

November 8 2022

Congratulations for first foreign sales to GEMA publishing house in Greece and to Ikona Publishing in Macedonia for You Are My Story – a novel describing a year in a marriage where times are hard. We get glimpses of the couple’s common history through condensed flashbacks, and the novel asks – How much of another person’s burden should you carry?

This perceptive, beautiful, and painful story is evoked through a strong and pronounced literary voice.

Sensational (…) You Are My Story is a self-assured and stylistically cogent novel in the genre of soft realism, written in a suitably down-to-earth literary voice. 6 stars Joakim Tjøstheim, Dagbladet

Painful, beautiful, and well-written about shouldering a heavy burden of care for another … 5 stars Sigmund Jensen, Stavanger Aftenblad

A complex, yet vulnerable and intimate, precise literary prose, unsentimental, yes, everything powerful literature must have. Author Bjørn Sortland

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