Bekken front cover

The Brook - new novella by Bjørn Arild Ersland

September 18 2019

The Brook is a disturbing and moving chldhood memoir, set in a critical moment in the life of a young boy.
A story told in a wonderful clear and precise voice, gripping, not possible to forget.

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Fosse   bok
February 9 2020

The Other Name by Jon Fosse nominated to the Norwegian Critics Prize

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Sigd performance
November 10 2019

Sichel by Ruth Lillegraven in adaptation

Shining theater in the winterdark

Theater, as sensitive and brillliant as theatre can be,
says Per Christian Selmer – Anderssen in Aftenposten.

Sichel, the prizewinning narrative poems by Ruth Lillegraven in adaptation at Det Norske Teatret. First night was 7 November and the reviews are wonderful. Performances in November and December 2019.

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