Sittende ruth blå

Infernal Restitution - a joy to read!

June 10 2021

Wonderful reception for Blood Ties, the second volume in the Clara – series, which also could be read independently, according to Leif Ekle, in NRK Radio. He says: "The literary style of Blood Ties makes it a joy to read from start to finish. The author is at her best in her treatment of Western Norway, Clara’s childhood home, and the nature there. To say that the poet is visible in the crime fiction text goes without saying, but I will say it all the same.

The reader is never in doubt about the fact that Clara is the primary narrator, a point which earns the book a gold star for narrative technique. Lillegraven also succeeds in depicting her aberrant main character as rational and almost forthright when she has the floor, an achievement in its own right.

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