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What does Jon Fosse’s Nobel Prize mean to us?

December 10 2023

Interest in this year’s Nobel Prize winner has been overwhelming, and the whole world will be able to read Jon Fosse’s work in the years to come.

In collaboration with brilliant publishers, co-agents, translators, and others within a rich and skilled network, Winje Agency is working hard on the continued dissemination of Fosse’s body of work.

The attention from the Nobel Prize highlights all of the agency’s authors – not to mention Norwegian and Scandinavian literature in general. It’s a joy and a true honour.

Winje Agency has recently expanded its staff to include Olivia Lasky and Thomas Winje Øijord and signed nearly 100 contracts since the Prize was announced on October 5th. We’re looking forward to what’s to come; this wave will continue for the benefit of Norwegian and Scandinavian literature across the globe.

Congratulations to Jon Fosse on this historic day – and to all of us!

Stream the Nobel Prize Awards ceremony today at 16:00 CET.

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