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French success and more for Aslak Nore

April 17 2024

The Heirs of the Arctic was published in France by Le bruit du monde last week (Les héritiers de l’Arctique, tr. Loup-Maëlle Besançon), and the first reviews are outstanding:
“With The Heirs of the Arctic, Aslak Nore confirms that he is indeed the new great voice of the Scandinavian thriller. No noir novelist has achieved such mastery since John le Carré.”
- Olivier Mony, Livres Hebdo
“Aslak Nore invites us on a wonderful contemporary odyssey, a novel between espionage, political history, and coming of age, between vertigo of the shadow and loyalty to oneself and to one’s family. [….] Nordic suspense takes on other colours and renews the genre thanks to an author who came from the cold but settled in Marseille. Remember the name: Aslak Nore.”
 - Linda Pomereul, Page Libraire
The Heirs of the Arctic is the second instalment in the Falck saga after The Sea Cemetery, an award-winning bestseller that’s been sold to 17 markets. The paperback version of the first volume was published in France by Edition 10/18 in the beginning of April. It is also on the shortlist for esteemed Prix Relay, which guarantees wide distribution and visibility in French train stations and airports.  

The Sea Cemetery was released in German by Kiepenhauer & Witsch (Meeresfriedhof, tr. Dagmar Lendt) on April 11th, with unusually high pre-sales and enthusiasm from booksellers. The UK / Commonwealth version by MacLehose Press (tr. Deborah Dawkin) will follow suit at the end of April. For the Italian launch by Marsilio in June, the author will embark on a book tour through the country.

We’re thrilled about all your success, Aslak!

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