Press interest for a long row home

A Long Row Home

June 6 2022

A glorious voyage! Huge interest from media and moving reactions from readers for A Long Row Home by Sigri Sandberg, as Unn Spjelkavik writes:
“I have been reading – sitting in my favorite chair and accompanying you through rain and squalls and against the current, and through the silence of mirrorlike surfaces. I have felt powerful physical vitality and a sense of mastery, forgetting all about my own aging skeleton and flagging muscles. I have immersed myself in your reflections and delighted in your abilities as a writer. And I remain delighted by your determination, your honesty (which is at times startling) and your love. And then I think that you have everything required to row the length of the fjord and write your way into the meaning of belonging. Thank-you very much for a glorious fjord voyage, Sigri”

Or: She describes ease and unease. In an apartment building in Oslo. On the swells of the Sognefjord. And in the depths of ourselves. Because when you row, you make waves. You are in harmony and disharmony with the elements and with yourself. So simple. So difficult – says Yngve Kveine, Director of Communications, BI Norwegian Business School.

Already sold to Uitgeverij Oevers in The Netherlands – voyage just started!

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