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"Finding Places. The Search for the Brain's GPS" is sold to World Scientific Publishing

December 3 2018

World Scientific Publishing has acquired world English rights for this unique book about the Nobel Prize Winners in Medicine in 2014 written by Unni Eikeseth.
The editor for the book, Rachel Field says: Edvard and May-Britt Moser have been heroes of mine since I was a university student. It is because of their groundbreaking work that I pursued a career in neuroscience. I am so thrilled that this beautifully written book exists and that others will learn about their incredible life stories and their work, which has revolutionized our understanding of the brain.

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Sigd performance
November 10 2019

Sichel by Ruth Lillegraven in adaptation

Shining theater in the winterdark

Theater, as sensitive and brillliant as theatre can be,
says Per Christian Selmer – Anderssen in Aftenposten.

Sichel, the prizewinning narrative poems by Ruth Lillegraven in adaptation at Det Norske Teatret. First night was 7 November and the reviews are wonderful. Performances in November and December 2019.

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