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Welcome Victoria Kielland

September 13 2021

Welcome to Victoria Kielland – congratulations with rave reviews for your novel My Men.

My Men is a work of fiction inspired by actual events, about Brynhild, a Norwegian servant girl, who emigrated to America in the late 19th century and became Bella Sørensen, then Belle Gunness of La Porte, Indiana. After her death Belle is known as Americas first female seriekiller, but Kielland writes, in an urgent language, about a broken person, one who is always yearning, My Men has received rave reviews:

One of the best young authors we have …There is a dynamic feminist element in Kielland’s story of desire …. Kielland is a writer
who prevails through insisting on warmth as well as violence
– says Carina Elisabeth Beddari, Morgenbladet

Gripping, unique, and amazingly well-written … [Kielland] paints a nuanced portrait of this woman who defied the limited social opportunities granted to her and took her life into her own hands … An exceptionally good book – says Ulla Svalheim, Vårt Land

One of NORLA’s Selected titles this autumn.

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Portrett victoria k
September 21 2021

First sale for My Men by Victoria Kielland, pre-emptet to Dalva in France

My Men by Victoria Kielland sold to Dalva in France

First sale for My Men by Victoria Kielland, pre-emptet to Dalva in France. The publisher, Juliette Ponce, says:
- The author has such a talent for capturing the contradiction lying under any love obsession: the urgency and the longing, the exaltation and the abyssal loneliness. There’s so much in this book, it is such a rewarding and fulfilling read! I think Kielland’s novel, which perfectly breaks away from all the clichés and representations we tend to have about women (just like her character does) would feel very at ease in our catalogue.

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Ruth med aem og amb (003)
August 15 2021

Blood Ties sold to Germany

“Another gripping pageturner, AV MITT BLOD presents a vulnerable Clara suffering a severe backlash.
Like ALT ER MITT, this book will leave readers yearning for a sequel and more of Ruth Lillegraven’s crystalline prose”, says Marion Wichmann in List /Ullstein Verlage.

Av mitt blod (Blood Ties) is by now sold for publication in English, Danish, German, Italian and Polish, and the Polish edition will be published already mid -September 2021.

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