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Olaug Nilssen

Olaug Nilssen (b.1977) made her real breakthrough in 2005 with Turn Me On, Dammit (Få meg på, for faen). The book breaks taboos in relation to young people and sexuality and was defining for a whole generation. Since then she has written books in many genres and made her mark as an unusual and important voice in Norwegian literature. In the book and play, Big And Ugly (Stort og stygt from 2013), she deals for the first time with being the parent of a child that is not like the others. In A Tale of Terrible Times she again breaks taboos with extraordinary openness about being the mother of a severely disabled child. The novel was awarded the prestigious Brage Prize in 2017 and is so far sold to Denmark. Croatia, Georgia and Sweden.

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October 9 2020

First praise for Olaug's new novel

Newspapers in Norway reads and reviews The One Needful Thing by Olaug Nilssen on publication day: Overwhelmingly good reviews!
The author is being praised for her courage, for her writing with surgical precision, and for humour, respect and drive in the novel: BRAVO!
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Olaug Nilssen

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Olaug Nilssen