You Are My Story

You Are My Story

Trine-Lise Rygh

Original title: Du er min historie
Publisher: Vigmostad & Bjørke, 2022
Genre: Novel
Pages: 207 pages

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You Are My Story is a nuanced novel about a couple’s marital challenges. The female protagonist of this novel is in a relationship that has gradually come apart at the seams. Her husband is depressed; he has always been so, living a bit to one side of everyone else. He leaves, disappearing down the road leading away from the house where they had hoped to find happiness. Sometimes he seeks out other partners.

You Are My Story describes a year in their marriage and gives us glimpses of the couple’s common history through condensed flashbacks. The perceptive, beautiful, and painful story is evoked through a strong and pronounced literary voice.

Sensational (…) You Are My Story is a self-assured and stylistically cogent novel in the genre of soft realism, written in a suitably down-to-earth literary voice. 6 stars Joakim Tjøstheim, Dagbladet

Painful, beautiful, and well-written about shouldering a heavy burden of care for another … 5 stars Sigmund Jensen, Stavanger Aftenblad

A novel about married life written in an enchanting literary idiom. (…) Every now and then words fall short when seeking to describe a literary masterpiece. This is definitely one of them. 6 stars Kjell Magne Gjøsæter,

Foreign rights

Greece: GEMA Publishers
Macedonian: Ikona Publishing House

You are my Story is my absolute favorite this year. A complex, yet vulnerable and intimate, precise literary prose, unsentimental, yes, everything powerful literature must have. It is about far more than ‘depression’,

says the author Bjørn Sortland

Trine-Lise Rygh

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Trine-Lise Rygh (born in 1974) lives in Kolsås. She has a bachelor’s degree in Dissemination of Literature from UIO and has written articles for and other publications. She was awarded the Norwegian National Association for Language Consolidation’s (Landslaget for språklig samling) literary prize for her debut novel Hundedager (Dog Days, 2020).

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