Aslak Nore

Original title: Ulvefellen
Publisher: Aschehoug , 2017
Genre: Crime
Pages: 368 pages

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An extraordinary thriller about a man determined to change the course of the World War II.

A disillusioned Iron Cross-winning veteran injured on the Eastern front, Norwegian Henry Storm is the unlikeliest of heroes. Discovering the secret of a German “wonder weapon” he decides to return to Germany to uncover the mystery and redeem himself.

Werner Sorge is an officer in the German security service whose investigations cross paths with the secret rocket program and Storm. To find the Norwegian spy he employs his own secret weapon: A beautiful and troubled Polish woman recruited as a German agent. Can Storm get his game-changing intel out of the Reich? Will Sorge bait him into the Wolfsangel trap?

An epic hunt is on, and the outcome of the second world war is at stake.

Foreign rights

Danish: Rosinante
Dutch: HarperCollins Holland
Lithuanian: Obuolys
Polish: Świat Książki


Riverton Prize 2017

Aslak Nore has a talent for suspenseful intrigues, making interesting characters and creating a credible historical backdrop. Wolfsangel is simply a very successful renewal of the agent novel.

Sindre Hovdenakk, VG

“In his latest and best novel to date, Aslak Nore demonstrates in an impressive manner his mastery of the classic spy genre (…) One of the highlights of Norwegian crime novels so far this year.” Elin Brend Bjørhei, VG

Elin Brend Bjørhei, VG

“ A brilliant spy novel!

Fredrik Wandrup, Dagbladet

A compellingly good spy thriller from Germany during the days of the war. Could this be the crime novel of the year?

Geir Vestad, Hamar Arbeiderbald

Aslak Nore has written an excellent spy thriller based on actual events during WW2.

Leif Ekle, NRK

Aslak Nore

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Aslak Nore (b. 1978) grew up in Oslo. He was educated at the University of Oslo and the New School for Social Research in New York and has served in Norway’s elite Telemark Battalion in Bosnia. A modern-day adventurer, Nore has lived in Latin America and worked as a journalist in the Middle East and Afghanistan. He has published several non-fiction books and four novels. Wolfsangel (2017) was a national bestseller and won the Riverton Prize for best crime novel in Norway in 2018. The Cemetery of the Sea (2021) is the first novel in an epic literary thriller series and a huge international success and bestseller. Nore lives in Provence, France.

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