Pedro Carmona-Alvarez

Original title: Rust
Publisher: Kolon forlag, 2009
Genre: Novel
Pages: 739 pages

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Rust is an extensive novel, about exile, revenge, nostalgia, terror and torture – as well as love, rock, coming of age, friendship and confusion.
The first part of Rust takes place in Norway, and is about Thomas, Passolini and Daniel who play in a rock band and live a privileged bohemian life until one day the enigmatic and brilliantly talented Passolini suddenly disappears and leaves his friends in a vacuum. The second part of the novel takes place in Buenos Aires and tells the life stories of a group of Latin Americans – almost all of them have lived in exile, (Passolini is one of them) – until they assassinate eight closely selected persons, military doctors, torturers and squealers.

Rust is a story about memory, exile, inheritance and ghosts


The Cappelen Prize, 2004
The Sult Prize, 2005
The Norwegian Poetry Book Club Prize, 2005
P2-Radio Listerners Novel Prize 2012
Shortlisted for The Norwegian Bookseller’s Prize 2012
Longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award 2017
The Triztan Vindtorn’s Poetry Prize 2022

An explosive novel. Enter a hardcore party of rock and revenge.


Immense, eccentric and forceful … a unique reading experience ….


A dizzingly good book. A book you want others to read.

Bergens Tidende

Rust is an immense and thorough project, thematically complex, yet playfully easy to read.

Dagnes Næringsliv

Rust … will remain bright and luminous as other books fade from the fall’s literary sky

Karl Ove Knausgård in The Book Club's Member Magazine

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez


Pedro Carmona-Alvarez was born in La Serena, Chile in 1972. At the age of ten, he and his family fled to Argentina, and the family later moved to Norway. He made his debut with a collection of poetry in 1997, and has since published several award-winning books. The Weather Changed, Summer Came and So On was longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award in 2017.

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Pedro Carmona-Alvarez