Mystery of Faith

Mystery of Faith

Eskil Skjeldal

Original title: Mysteriet i trua
Publisher: Samlaget, 2015
Pages: 162 pages

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In 2013, Jon Fosse converted to Catholicism.
Fosse had resigned from the Church of Norway in protest at sixteen, but later found his way back to a religious worldview through his writing. He has been fascinated by Gnosticism and Christian mysticism and been drawn to the Quaker movement – but is now a Catholic. What happened?

In “Mystery of Faith”, theologian and Catholic Eskil Skjeldal, Ph.D. and Fosse discuss the path towards this conversion. They converse about faith and God, spiritual and mystical experiences, writing, alcoholism and illness, everyday life as a Catholic, and what Fosse thinks about the positions of the Catholic Church. In this book, you’ll get close to both Fosse and faith.

Foreign rights

French: Éditions Artège
Spanish: Endebate, Penguin Random House


NORLA Selected Title Spring 2024

Eskil Skjeldal

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Eskil Skjeldal (b. 1974) is a theologian, author, and librarian. He has a master’s in non-fiction writing from Høgskolen i Vestfold and is a literary critic for Vårt Land and a freelance journalist for Dag og Tid.

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