Finding Places. The Search for the Brain's GPS.

Finding Places. The Search for the Brain's GPS.

Unni Eikeseth

Original title: Jakten på stedsansen
Publisher: Vigmostad og Bjørke, 2018
Pages: 182 pages

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How are humans and animals able to navigate? And why are nearly all of our memories connected to places?

In 2003, brain scientists Edvard and May-Britt Moser made a sensational discovery at a lab in Trondheim, Norway. It changed everything we thought we knew about animals’ and people’s sense of direction. Finding Places: The Search for the Brain’s GPS is the story of two scientists from young students trying to find their voice to acclaimed researchers receiving the world’s most prestigious scientific award: The Nobel Prize in medicine. This book gives a unique insight into their’ struggles, victories, and the creativity behind their ground-breaking research and tells the thrilling story about how May-Britt and Edvard Moser solved one of the biggest mysteries in science.

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Polish: Jagiellonian University Press
World English: World Scientific Publishing
Russian: Bombora (Eksmo non-fiction)

«Unni has done an incredible job and familiarised herself with what we do. The book gives a good picture of what goes on in the lab.»

May-Britt Moser

« Unni makes the material come alive.»

Edvard Moser

«… gives us a grounded and conscientious portrait of how the Moser researchers came to solve one of science’s big mysteries through years of hard, focused work – a mystery that’s been contemplated by authors and philosophers for generations.»

Arne Dvergsdal, Dagbladet

Edvard and May-Britt Moser have been heroes of mine… because of their groundbreaking work I pursued a career in neuroscience. I am so thrilled that this beautifully written book exists and that others will learn about their incredible life stories and their work, which has revolutionized our understanding of the brain.

Rachel Field, editor in World Scientific Publishing

Unni Eikeseth

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Photo: Elin Iversen

Unni Eikeseth is a chemist, a former science journalist, and presenter for the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. She has written several popular science books for both children and adults, such as Norwegian Researching Feats (2016). She works at the Department of Teacher Education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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