The Saga of Sölvi, son of Daniel

The Saga of Sölvi, son of Daniel

Arnar Már Arngrímsson

Original title: Sölvasaga Danielssonar
Publisher: Sögur, Iceland, 2018
Genre: Fiction, young adult
Pages: 264 pages

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Sölvi is nineteen years old, works in a supermarket and harbours a poet inside, even though the battle with words is not always fruitful. Sölvi has had a hard time finding his place in everyday life so he moves to Akureyri to study in a newly founded school there.

In Akureyri, a small town in North Iceland, new challenges emerge entwined with the
old, as he tries to keep his footing in life and gain confidence as a poet. Speculation on poetry and playing with words are a big part of Sölvi’s story and the author manages exceptionally well to paint a vivid picture of the influence of a generation gap on language. In a way the story is a bildungsroman, but it also raises questions about the challenges facing young people in modern society.


Nominated to the Icelandic Literary Prize 2018

The Saga of Sölvi, son of Daniel, perfectly encapsulates the impossible tragedy and hilarious humanity of being or having been a teenager. As such it should speak to most people.”

Vilhjálmur B. Bragason, playwright and comedian

Arnar Már Arngrímsson

Arnar mar arngrimsson
Photo: Daníel Starrason

The Saga of Sölvi the Young is Arnar Már’s debut novel. It was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize in 2015 and was awarded the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize in 2016. Arnar Már studied Icelandic and German literature at the universities in Reykjavik and Cologne. He has worked as a sailor, a caregiver, and a tour guide. He now teaches Icelandic at Akureyri Junior College.

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