Art and Life – A User's Manual

Art and Life – A User's Manual

Kjetil Røed

Original title: Kunsten og livet - en bruksanvisning
Publisher: Flamme forlag, 2019
Genre: Non Fiction
Pages: 277 pages

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For whom does art have meaning and why? Art is a unique tool for exploring the question of who we are and thereby also what a good life can be.
In this book, Kjetil Røed investigates eleven different virtues – attentiveness, judgement, contemplation, curiosity, awareness, hope, collaboration, double vision, craft, love, and solidarity – through works of art with the ambition of exercising values by using art as a platform. The result is a series of “virtuous works”, an endeavour to show what it is like to work with values and how the question of how we are to inhabit ideas about art can also be a process of understanding ourselves – and finding a clearer connection, direction, and wholeness in our own lives.

Foreign rights

Polish: Smak Słowa

… a remarkable work of reflective art about art as well as life.

Marianne Solberg, Ny Tid

Art can help you in the never-ending task of understanding yourself. That is the optimistic message of Kjetil Røed’s insightful and beautiful book.

Knut Hoem, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).

Kjetil Røed’s book is amusing, ingenious and relentlessly fascinating. His insane montage technique renders the text completely unpredictable.

Sinziana Ravini, Kunstkritikk

Kjetil Røed

Portrett kjetil røed foto trygve indrelid
Photo: Trygve Indelid

Kjetil Røed has a degree i philosophy and comparative literature. Røed is the editor of the arts journal Billedkunst, an art critic for the national daily Vårt Land, and has written art reviews for a number of publications, including Aftenposten and the online art review journal He also writes about film, theatre, and literature.

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