Alice in Suburbia

Alice in Suburbia

Inger Bråtveit

Original title: Alice A4
Publisher: Forlaget Oktober, 2015
Pages: 237 pages

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Alice in Suburia shows through language and content that falling in love has its own absurd logic and that the ways of love are inscrutable. Bråtveit writes with intensity about gender, class, power and rage.

Alice lives in a block of flats in a suburb with her mother and sister. She yearns to escape from her roots, which she feels are holding her back from all she longs for. When she meets someone, he has a car and she believes that he can take her to another world. Together they drive the Autobahn in search for Wonderland
Alice in Suburbia unfolds in a creative, mythological and illogical dialogue with Lewis Caroll’s children’s book Alice´s Adventures in Wonderland (1865.) In Bråtveit’s novel Alice is a young girl on the threshold to adulthood. In mulitple ways the novel tells how Alice hopes and believes to have found her first, great love, loses and finds herself again. As Alice grows older she seeks with fierce determination to fight her way out of and free herself from this love. But every time Alice thinks she is free, she finds herself once again imprisoned within her own illusionary liberation.

“Important literature … Important, painful and successful urban legend …

Vårt Land

“Bråtveit consequently aims her work at hybrid forms …Bråtveit has written a poetic, intelligent and style-wise interesting novel.


“Bråtveit writes a kind of imagery prose that abide by different rules than the chronological story … both very open and rich in contact points


Inger Bråtveit

Portrett inger bråtveit
Pernille Marie Waldvik

Inger Bråtveit (born 1978) is one of our most exciting younger authors. She made her debut as an author in 2002 with the novel Mouth towards a Frozen Fjord. Her second novel, Siss and Unn, was nominated for the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature in 2008. After a poetry collaboration with notable Swedish author Cecilia Hansson, The Love Project, Bråtveit published her third novel Alice A4 in 2015.
The novel was nominated for the Young Readers’ Critics’ Prize.
Bråtveit has been awarded several literary prizes, including the New Norwegian Literature Prize and the Bjørnson Scholarship.

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