Siss and Unn

Siss and Unn

Inger Bråtveit

Original title: Siss og Unn
Publisher: Forlaget Oktober, 2008
Pages: 175 pages

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Unn lives in a tiny village with her mother, Mummy Big, who loves her daughter, but who is unable to overcome the grief of having been abandoned by Unn’s father when Unn was still a little girl. When Mummy Big suddenly falls ill and dies, Unn moves in with her aunt, a kind, but taciturn woman.
When the far more extrovert Siss moves to the village from Sweden, a beautiful friendship starts developing between the two girls. The novel follows Siss and Unn from their first meeting as young girls through early womanhood. As they enter university, their relationship starts taking a dark turn – one of them thrives, while the other is destroyed.
In an effective and intelligent manner, Bråtveit borrows elements from as seemingly disparate literary forms as the lyrical symbolism of modernist master Tarjei Vesaas, the whimsical lightness of ladies’ fashion magazines and the impending doom of the greek tragedy. Siss and Unn is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of women’s lives today, of their relations with each other as friends, mothers and daughters, and of the psychological costs of the constraints and expectations imposed on them by modern culture.


Nominated to the Critics Prize in 2008

“A burning, intense novel of crystal and ice […] sad and beautiful.”


Inger Bråtveit shows what a conscious, stylish and brilliant author she is. And one could be tempted to say: What a brave author!

Bergens Tidende

”A solid novel about writing your own script and daring to improvise in your role […] The book’s textual universe is fragmented and bleeding all through the novel.


Inger Bråtveit

Portrett inger bråtveit
Pernille Marie Waldvik

Inger Bråtveit (born 1978) is one of our most exciting younger authors. She made her debut as an author in 2002 with the novel Mouth towards a Frozen Fjord. Her second novel, Siss and Unn, was nominated for the Norwegian Critics Prize for Literature in 2008. After a poetry collaboration with notable Swedish author Cecilia Hansson, The Love Project, Bråtveit published her third novel Alice A4 in 2015.
The novel was nominated for the Young Readers’ Critics’ Prize.
Bråtveit has been awarded several literary prizes, including the New Norwegian Literature Prize and the Bjørnson Scholarship.

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