Metres per Second

Metres per Second

Stine Pilgaard

Original title: Meter per sekund
Publisher: Gutkind, Danmark, 2020
Genre: Fiction, novel
Pages: 268 pages

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A young couple adjust to their new life together with their infant son at a Folk High School in West Jutland, stepping into a world of tree-hugging faculty, obligatory sing-togethers and idealist desires to bond with the local community. He’s the new teacher, she’s his hanger-on.

In theory, she’d like to be a part of it all, yet somehow finds herself penning scathing ditties about the place in the company of one of the other hangers-on. For all her ambitions of becoming integrated into the local community she just can’t get the knack of it, stumped by the codes of rural conversation, the brevity of its sentences, the endless silences.

Life at the school, the anguish of anti-conversation, the torments of parenting and a perpetual loop of driving lessons all feed into the perceptively playful and often highly acerbic responses she pens for the local paper’s agony column, a job on the side that in certain circles soon garners her a cult following.

Metres per Seond is a tale of venturing into new and uncharted land, of human relationships, dilemmas, and the ways and byways of social intercourse.

Foreign rights

Pelikanen, Norway
Uitgeverij Oevers, The Netherlands
Film rights sold to Nordisk Film
Kanon Verlag, Germany

A master of irony lays down her weapons … deliciously crumbly novel oozing with awkward love.

Weekendavisen, dk

“The book of the year.” * (5 out of 5 stars)

Jyllandsposten, dk

Sheer delight: Stine Pilgaard has penned a perfect comedy about normalcy.

Informationen, dk

Stine Pilgaard

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Stine Pilgaard (born 1984) is a graduate of the Danish Writers’ Academy and the University of Copenhagen. Her first novel, Min mor siger (My Mum Says) (2012), was a critical and commercial success, nominated for the prestigious Danish Broadcasting Corporation Literature Prize and given the Bodil and Jørgen Munch-Christensen Award for a debuting author. Lejlighedssange (Songs for Special Occasions, 2015), gave her the Danish Libraries’ Writers Award and nominated for the Danish Readers’ Book Award. Both books were translated into Norwegian by acclaimed Nordic author Erlend Loe.

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