The Sound of Twilight

The Sound of Twilight

Laila Brenden

Original title: Lyden av sensommer
Publisher: Vigmostad & Bjørke, 2023
Genre: Novel
Pages: 506 pages

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After World War II comes to an end, Ane and her family finally enjoy a few good years in Bremen. Life is full of hope and light. The children, Jørgen and his little sister Vårin, are growing up. After an eventful concert tour in Europe, Ane and Carl decide to return to Norway and their beautiful villa on the outskirts of Kongsvinger. With time, however, it becomes evident that Carl’s health is not as it should be, and Ane’s concern gradually becomes focused on her son as well. What lies behind his advancement in the world and why does his attitude towards her feel so hostile?

In the final novel of Laila Brenden’s trilogy, set in the first half of the 20th century, we meet a mature – and courageous – Ane Solingen. She must contend with both adversity and grief, but she also experiences unexpected moments of joy. And as always, she has the support of her music.

The Sound of Twilight is the beautiful and compelling conclusion to Ane’s adventures, set in Norway, Germany and other European locations.

Foreign rights

Danish: Storytel, audiobook
Swedish: Storytel, audiobook

Laila Brenden

Portett laila brenden
Vigmostad&Bjørke//Eigil Korsager

Laila Brenden is a Norwegian author of more than 80 historical romance novels. Her book series Hannah and Mountain Roses have sold in excess of a million copies in Norway, and are published in Sweden and Poland. Brenden has also written several non-fiction books for children and adults.

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