Harp Song from a Silent Wood

Harp Song from a Silent Wood

Laila Brenden

Original title: Toner fra en stille skog
Publisher: Vigmostad & Bjørke, 2019
Genre: Commercial fiction
Pages: 407 pages

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Harp Song from a Silent Wood is a story of love and betrayal chronicling woman’s journey from deep in the Norwegian woods to the great concert halls of Europe.

Ane Solingen, an independent woman with captivating eyes, has a unique inner strength. Is this why the people of the village dislike her? She has found happiness with her boyfriend Hans and they live in harmony with nature on a small homestead in the forest. One day Hans doesn’t come home. Her life unravels when she finds him dead in the woods. Some weeks thereafter she understands that she is expecting his child, and has no choice but to seek help from the villagers. To her surprise they show her kindness and she receives a gift that will change her life forever.

When tragedy strikes anew, Ane is better prepared. She knows what to do, but not that this will change her life dramatically. She is willing to sacrifice
everything for the most important person in her life.

The novel is set at the turn of the last century, and is the first of three volumes of a historical saga, commercial women’s fiction.

Foreign rights

Ullstein List, Germany

Laila Brenden

Portett laila brenden
Vigmostad&Bjørke//Eigil Korsager

Laila Brenden (b. 1956) is a Norwegian author of more than 80 historical romance novels. Her book-series Hannah and Mountainroses have sold more than a million copies in Norway, as well as published in Sweden and Poland. Brenden has also written several non-fiction books for children and adults.

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