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Victoria Kielland

Victoria Kielland’s first book, the short prose collection I lyngen 2013(In the Heather) was shorlisted for the Tarjei Vesaas debutantpris, an annual prize for best first literary work in Norwegian. In 2016, Kielland’s first novel Dammyr ((Marsh Pond”), was shortlisted for the Youth Critics’ Prize and the literary committee of the Norwegian Authors’ Union awarded her the Norwegian Booksellers’ primary writer’s scholarship. My Men is her breakthrough novel, published to rave reviews in 2021.

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September 21 2021

First sale for My Men by Victoria Kielland, pre-emptet to Dalva in France

My Men by Victoria Kielland sold to Dalva in France

First sale for My Men by Victoria Kielland, pre-emptet to Dalva in France. The publisher, Juliette Ponce, says:
- The author has such a talent for capturing the contradiction lying under any love obsession: the urgency and the longing, the exaltation and the abyssal loneliness. There’s so much in this book, it is such a rewarding and fulfilling read! I think Kielland’s novel, which perfectly breaks away from all the clichés and representations we tend to have about women (just like her character does) would feel very at ease in our catalogue.

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