Ruth Lillegraven NORLA Selected

Original title: Sigd
Publisher: Tiden Norsk Forlag, 2016
Genre: Poetry and drama
Pages: 144 pages

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Endre grows up on a farm in a rural part of western Norway during the nineteenth century. He is the firstborn and heir, expected to take on the duties and responsibilities inherited by his forefathers. As a young man, he meets Abelone, marries her and takes over the farm. The future looks bright — until Endre is bedridden by illness and forced to sell the farm.

Who is he without the rights and the duty to which he is born? As he ponders the meaning of his new life, he discovers literature — the books change Endre’s life and open up new worlds.

Sickle is a story in the form of poetry, about a simple, yet magnificent life. About the universes within books and discovering countries far away through reading. It is a story about a time which no longer exists, but which is still recognisable. And it is the love story of Endre and Abelone — who finally create a common language to communicate again.

Foreign rights

English: Seagull Books
Spanish: Trilce Ediciones
French: Edicion Lanskine
Dutch: Azul Press
German: Edition Rugerup


The Brage Prize 2013
The Book Bloggers’ Prize 2013
Parson Alfred Andersson-Rysst Fund 2012
NORLA Selected Title Autumn 2016

Sickle is quite simply an impressive collection of poems.


Her best poems. (…) there is a strong and tender lyrical voice present in this observant and imaginative collection of poems. Ruth Lillegraven demonstrates with this book that she is a very special voice within the portrayals of village life in contemporary lyrical poetry.

Hamar Arbeiderblad

Large themes are treated clearly and resonantly.


Ruth Lillegraven

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Ruth Lillegraven debuted in 2005 with a collection of poetry entitled Big Bad Poems. Since then, she has published a novel, six poetry collections, as well as children books. Her work has been nominated for several prizes and she was awarded, among other distinctions, the Brage Prize and the Nynorsk Literature Prize. Her first psychological crime thriller, Everything is Mine (Alt er mitt), has enjoyed tremendous success and multiple international sales.

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