Deep Fjord

Deep Fjord

Ruth Lillegraven

Original title: Alt er mitt
Publisher: Kagge, 2018
Genre: Psychological thriller
Pages: 365 pages

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Deep Fjord is the author’s masterly debut as a thriller writer; surprising, well-written and gripping. The majestic Norwegian landscape creates a beautiful and chilling backdrop to the story. Clara is a sharp and intelligent blue-eyed heroine, an ambitious outsider from Western Norway who has landed an influential position at the Ministry of Justice. Haavard, her husband, is from a wealthy family of lawyers, and the first to become a doctor.

When a double homicide strikes Oslo, both Clara and Haavard find themselves unwillingly entangled. Both victims had immigrant backgrounds, stirring up a national debate that reaches to the Minister of Justice’s office. With Haavard present at both murder scenes, Clara’s work and family life are clashing and unravelling. Deep Fjord shifts elegantly between Clara and Haavard’s viewpoints, between intrigues in the corridors of power and an increasingly debilitated home life. Who are they? How well do they know one another?

Foreign rights

German: Ulstein Buchverlage
Polish: Wielka Litera and Storytel
Spanish: Ediciones Maeva
World English: Amazon Crossing
Italian: Carbonio Editore
Danish: Grønningen 1
French: Gaïa
Swedish: Sekwa

Film Rights: Nordisk Film


Longlisted to the Petrona Award

A refreshingly different kind of thriller. The story is riveting, the plot artful… I devoured the book in two evenings but the characters are still with me.

Maja Lunde, author of Histories of the Bees and Blue

… Let there be no doubt: Deep Fjord (Alt er mitt) is a rare work of crime fiction… so far, one of the autumn’s most captivating crime novels.

Tønsbergs Blad by Finn Stenstad

The best and most difficult thing about this crime novel is that we understand, and almost support, the killer’s choice … Both the plot and the characters are assembled in a manner both natural and shrewd… a successful thriller with a philosophical edge.

Bergens Tidende by Oda Vige Helle

Ruth Lillegraven

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Ruth Lillegraven debuted in 2005 with a collection of poetry entitled Big Bad Poems. Since then, she has published a novel, six poetry collections, as well as children books. Her work has been nominated for several prizes and she was awarded, among other distinctions, the Brage Prize and the Nynorsk Literature Prize. Her first psychological crime thriller, Everything is Mine (Alt er mitt), has enjoyed tremendous success and multiple international sales.

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